Hello world!

I have decided to leave the default title for this first post. After all, it is the first post and it is what it is about: to say hello to the world. In special, to the universe of women who wait for their Men.

I am Suzy and I am a woman in waiting. I wait for my Man who is far away and, recently, most of the time, unable even to contact me. And you know, it’s the second time it happens to me. For the second time in a row i am involved with a man that faces changes in his life and i am left behind, waiting. Last week, i thought i was going mad. Day in day out staring at the pc screen, waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for some contact, of any kind… smoke signals would do… anything. Alternating moments of desperation with others of resignation. Thinking to myself: “Ok, i’m stepping out of this.” just to, in the next minute , vow eternal commitment to the waiting.

Then i got an email from him and my mind and heart found some peace. But now it’s been days and his absence and silence are hurting again. And then I got the idea for this blog. Why and how other women wait for their Men ?

No matter what you are waiting for. Waiting your man who is far away, waiting to finally meet your online lover, waiting him to propose, waiting him to divorce (from you or for you), waiting him to get better from sickness, waiting him to get a (better) job, waiting him to be born, waiting him to die…

No matter who you are waiting for. If it is your lover, husband, boyfriend, brother, son, father…

Oh, I know some people will just say: “Don’t wait (for any Man). Move on with your life.”

Not only is it easier said than done, but I think there is something in us, women, that makes us wait. I won’t name it, because i’m not sure what it is. Neither will I generalize, saying ALL women wait. Or that ONLY women wait. I’m sure there are Men out there who waited for their women too. But it seems women in waiting are much more common.

Anyway, I would like you all to share your experience with me. Maybe we will learn with each other, learn about ourselves. Maybe this way our waiting becomes not so painful.

Be well.

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